Zagorje castles day trip from Zagreb

Zagorje castles day trip from Zagreb takes you on an adventure of exploring the beautiful castles and the stories they hide

Trip itinerary: Miljana Castle – Veliki Tabor castle – Sv. Križ Začretje Castle – Trakošćan castle

Zagorje Castles day trip takes you to see the most beautiful castles in Zagorje region. You will not only see the 4 listed castles but many others along the way. All the castles represent different eras and are architecturally completely different. The first castle you will visit will be Miljana castle, close to the Slovenian border. This castle is fully restored, now days privately owned. The second castle on the route Veliki tabor castle, one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in this part of Croatia. Here you will hear the most beautiful love story from Zagorje county. Next is Trakošćan castle – many people call it the fairy tale castle. Surrounded with a lake, this hill top castle stands proudly as a witness of old times. For the reason it’s fully furnished you will have the feeling that you really do enter a fairy tale. The last but not least if the Sv. Križ Začretje castle – the guardian of a part of Croatian history.


  • The trip is fully customizable

  • Sightseeing of 4 magnificent castles in Zagorje county

  • Legends that make you travel back in time

What is included:

  • Itinerary adjustable according Your wishes

  • Licensed tour guide for Zagorje county

  • Trip organization

  • Transportation

  • Lunch

  • Entrance fees for the museums and official museum guides


  • Private trip price per person: from 50 €

Trip Attractions: Miljana Castle, Veliki Tabor castle,  Sv. Križ Začretje Castle, Trakošćan castle

This castle is located along the Slovenian border, near Kumrovec. It was built as the residence of the noble Ratkay family for 3 centuries stayed in their possession. The Ratkaj remained the owners until 1793, when the last member of this family died, after which the castle often changed owners. In 1900 it became the property of the Jäger family, and in 1980 it was bought by Dr. Franjo Kajfež, who restored it and restored it to its old splendor. Today it is owned by entrepreneur Dragutin Kamensky. It has been completely renovated and is considered one of the most preserved castles in Croatia.

Sv. Križ Zacretje castle is the home of numerous noble families in the heart of Croatian Zagorje got its present form in the mid-18th century. The Keglević, Sermage and Vraniczany family lived in the Castle. 15 years ago, it was bought by retired scientist Mirna Flogl. The castle, an important economic and cultural stronghold in the region, was the cradle of the founders of Croatian civic education, versatile benefactors and guardians of historically established national rights.

Trakošćan Castle – the moment your eyes see the white walls and towers surrounding the castle you will think that you are a part of a true fairy tale and you will anxiously climb up to the castle entrance. The castle was built in the 13th century as a part of the defense line against the Osman Empire and with time became an architectural pearl of this area. It is still a mystery how it got its name – was it a Thracian fortress named Arx Trachorum or was it the ownership of the Drachstein knights. Today it is a museum containing original castle furniture and armory collection.

Veliki Tabor is one of the best preserved medieval and renaissance fortified towns in Croatian mainland. The architectural forms, techniques and methods of construction prove that Veliki Tabor originates from the 15th century. It is not clear whether the Counts of Celje built Veliki Tabor, but it is known that they possessed it in the mid-15th century. Family Rattkay built a part of the castle during the 16th century and it remained in their possession until 1793.g. There are many legends associated with the castle and the most popular are those related to Veronica Desinic.

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